About Our Team

When it comes to Forex trading, our team is among the most experienced in the business. Combining our talents and skills within the financial and investment industries, we are a group of like-minded professionals who are passionate about Forex trading and have a mission to help investors at all levels of experience to find a reliable and trustworthy broker who meets their individual requirements while maximising their chances of success. From our backgrounds in investment banking, fund management and independent consultancy, we have gained all of the  knowledge necessary to understand exactly what the best Forex brokers should be offering their clients; and with that information in mind, we have reviewed some of the top providers in the market today. Our opinions are based on a strong knowledge of the industry, so you can depend on our advice, which is designed to help you make an informed decision about which is the right Forex broker for you.

Our team of five professionals is dedicated to helping novice traders find their way into Forex trading, and to assist those who are already experienced in continuing to develop and hone their skills. Here is a short introduction to our experts:

Edward McIntyre

Edward McIntyreEdward has more than 35 years of experience within several areas of the financial industry. Having graduated from Edinburgh University Business School with an MSc in Finance and Investment, he went on to take up a position as a financial advisor with a small independent company in Glasgow, expanding his client base to encompass several high-profile clients. After 12 years with the company, Edward thought it was time to move on, and relocated to London to work for Sloane Robinson as a hedge fund operations analyst. After rising to become head of hedge fund investor relations for the company, he decided that it was time to take early retirement. However, he soon realised that the quiet life was not for him, and decided to establish ForexBrokersReviews.com as a way of making use of his experience to benefit others. In his quieter moments, he likes nothing more than relaxing at home with a good book.

Jared Fitch

Jared FitchJared met Edward at Sloane Robinson while spending a year as an intern with the company. With a background in computing and finance, he had recently graduated from the University of Buckingham, and was keen to bring his combination of skills to the firm. After completing his internship he decided to return to education to further his talents by undertaking an MSc in Computing for Financial Markets at Stirling University, after which he became an analyst programmer for the Bank of America. It was during this time that he got back in touch with Edward through LinkedIn, and the pair decided to make use of both of their sets of skills by starting up this website, with the aim of helping to widen public awareness of Forex trading. In his downtime, Jared enjoys sports and is a member of his local squash team.

Kay Melton

Kay MeltonKay has a background in accountancy, having earned her degree at Lancaster University in 1999. She spent the next 10 years working her way up the career ladder at several accountancy firms in the Manchester area before being offered the opportunity to take a sideways move into financial planning. After the birth of her two daughters in 2004 and 2006, she realised that she would rather work from home, and decided to set up her own financial planning consultancy business, starting out with just three of her existing clients. After 10 years, she has now increased her client base substantially, and specialises in offering investment advice with a strong emphasis on foreign currency and binary options investment strategies. As well as writing for this website, she also contributes to several industry publications, offering her expert opinion on investment matters. When not working, Kay loves going on family walks in the countryside and getting closer to nature.

Callum Hudson

Callum HudsonAt the age of 35, Callum is the youngest member of the team, but what he lacks in age he makes up for in experience. Having studied economics and finance at the University of Surrey, Callum obtained a graduate trainee stockbroker position at J Edward Sellars in Bristol, where he developed a good grounding in the basics of investment. He took this knowledge home with him, and outside working hours he began experimenting with private investment in the foreign currency markets. Through a process of trial and error, he began to research successful strategies, applying and adapting them to his practice while developing his own methods. He began offering advice to his friends, who also began to enjoy some success in playing the markets, and it was at this point that he decided to share his knowledge more extensively. ForexBrokersReview.com gives Callum the ideal opportunity to put his skills to use. Outside work, Callum has a keen interest in music, and is teaching himself to play the violin.

Richard Rankcom

Richard RankcomRichard studied mathematics at Leeds University and drifted into a career in insurance before switching paths later in life. After almost 6 years of working for Legal & General, he realised that his interests lay in the investment field, and decided to take an MSc in Investment and Financial Risk Management at Kingston Business School. After qualifying, he enrolled in the CFA programme to further develop his skills in the industry, which allowed him to take up a graduate FX broker post at Currency Solutions in London. After just a year of working for the firm, he was promoted to senior broker status. From there, it was a short step to becoming Director of FX Trade Management for a major global company. Richard offers foreign currency investment advice on a private basis, and also writes for leading industry publications and websites, sharing tips, exploring investment strategies and advising on portfolios. In his private life, Richard enjoys travelling, especially in the South of France where he owns a holiday property.

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