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Forex Gump EA, a forex trading robot, operates daily across 25 currency pairs, providing an automated approach to trading with its sensitivity to market conditions. With risk protection features and a money-back guarantee. 

How much it costs 

It offers two pricing plans – the €199 plan with one demo and live account and the €399 plan with unlimited demos and three live accounts. Customer reviews vary, with positive experiences emphasizing profits and low risk, while some express dissatisfaction with financial losses. Overall, the program is considered affordable, user-friendly, and responsive to market changes, making it a viable option for those seeking an automated forex trading solution. Alternatives like Forex Fury and Coinrule also offer competitive features in the automated trading space.

Three different settings

 Here are three different settings you can consider for Forex Gump EA:

  • Standard Setting (Default): This setting is the program’s default configuration, offering a balanced approach to trading across various currency pairs. It’s designed for users seeking a straightforward and reliable automated trading experience without the need for extensive customization.
  • Aggressive Mode: For those comfortable with higher risk levels, the aggressive mode increases the system’s sensitivity to market fluctuations. This setting may result in more frequent trades and potentially higher profits, but it comes with an elevated level of risk. Traders using this mode should closely monitor their accounts.
  • Conservative Setting: Geared towards risk-averse users, the conservative setting prioritizes capital preservation. It opts for more cautious trading strategies, potentially leading to fewer but more secure trades. This setting is suitable for those who prioritize stability and want to minimize exposure to market volatility.

How to start working with Forex Gump EA

To begin working with Forex Gump EA, follow these simple steps:

Purchase and Download: Visit the official Forex Gump EA website, choose a suitable pricing plan (€199 or €399), and make the purchase. Download the software from the provided link.

Installation: After downloading, install the EA on your trading platform. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided by Forex Gump.

Account Setup: Open a trading account with a compatible broker. Ensure it supports the trading platform compatible with Forex Gump EA. You can use either a demo or live account, depending on your preference.

Configuration: Launch the Forex Gump EA on your trading platform. Set up your preferred parameters, including currency pairs, risk levels, and any other specific settings based on your trading strategy.

Testing (Optional): Consider using the demo account to test the EA in a risk-free environment. This allows you to assess its performance before committing to live trading.

Live Trading: Once satisfied with the demo results, switch to a live account. Monitor the EA’s performance periodically, making adjustments if needed, and stay informed about market conditions.

Forex Gump EA Forex Robot Plan

Forex Gump EA offers two straightforward plans for their forex trading robot:

  • €199 Plan: This entry-level plan includes one demo account and one live account. It provides 24/7 support, free updates, and a money-back guarantee. Suitable for those starting with automated trading.
  • €399 Plan: A slightly advanced option, this plan offers unlimited demo accounts and three live accounts. It mirrors the features of the €199 plan but caters to users who may want more flexibility with multiple accounts.

Open a Trading Account

To open a trading account, follow these simple steps:

Choose a BrokerSelect a reputable broker that suits your trading needs. Consider factors like fees, available markets, and user-friendly platforms.
Visit the Broker’s WebsiteGo to the official website of the chosen broker and locate the “Open Account” or similar option.
Fill Out the FormComplete the required information, including personal details and financial information. Ensure accuracy to comply with regulatory requirements.
Verify Your IdentityThe broker may ask for identification documents such as a driver’s license or passport. Submit these documents to verify your identity.
Deposit FundsOnce your account is approved, deposit funds into your trading account using the provided payment options.
Download Trading PlatformDownload and install the broker’s trading platform on your device.
Login and Start TradingUse the provided login credentials to access your trading account. You can now explore the platform, analyze markets, and start trading.

Forex Gump EA Customer Reviews

Here are brief summaries of Forex Gump EA customer reviews:

Positive Feedback: Users express satisfaction with profits and low risk. Some appreciate the stress-free, automated nature of Forex Gump EA, making around 15% monthly on mid-risk levels.

Negative Experience: One user from Mexico shares a negative experience, stating a loss of $3,000 in three months. They express disappointment, advising others to check the bot’s performance on the official website before purchasing.

Concerns Addressed: Another reviewer initially raised concerns about the lack of a stop loss feature. However, they later discovered a setting within the program to activate a stop loss, addressing their earlier worries.

Test the EA on a Demo Account

Before committing real money, it’s advisable to test the Forex Gump EA on a demo account. This allows you to experience the robot’s performance in a risk-free environment. Simply follow these steps:

  • Download the EA: Get the Forex Gump EA software and install it on your trading platform.
  • Open a Demo Account: Choose a broker that supports demo accounts and open one. Most brokers offer this feature for free.
  • Configure Settings: Set up the Forex Gump EA with your preferred parameters, including currency pairs and risk levels.
  • Monitor Performance: Let the EA run on the demo account and observe its trading behavior. This helps you understand how it performs without risking real money.
  • Adjust if Necessary: If needed, tweak the settings based on your observations during the demo testing.

Download and Install the Platform

To get started, download and install the trading platform on your device. Follow these steps:

Choose a BrokerSelect a reliable broker that aligns with your trading preferences.
Visit Broker’s WebsiteGo to the official website of the chosen broker.
Locate Download SectionLook for the “Download” or “Platform” section on the website.
Select Your PlatformChoose the platform compatible with your device (Windows, Mac, or mobile).
Download SoftwareClick on the download link and follow the on-screen instructions to download the trading platform.
Install the PlatformOnce downloaded, open the installation file and follow the setup instructions to install the platform on your device.
Login or Create AccountAfter installation, launch the platform, log in (if you have an existing account), or create a new account if you are a new user.

What is the minimum deposit for Forex Gump?

For Forex Gump, the minimum deposit requirement typically depends on the broker you choose to trade with. Each broker may have its own minimum deposit policy. To find out the specific minimum deposit for using Forex Gump, visit the official website of the broker you plan to trade with, or contact their customer support for accurate and up-to-date information on deposit requirements.

Do Forex robots really work?

Yes, Forex robots can work, but their effectiveness varies. These automated trading systems are designed to execute trades based on predefined criteria. While some traders find success using them, it’s crucial to note that no system guarantees profits. 

Success with a Forex robot depends on factors like market conditions, strategy, and proper configuration. Traders should thoroughly research and understand the robot’s features, regularly monitor its performance, and use it as a tool alongside their own analysis for the best results.

Configure Forex Gump EA Settings

Configuring Forex Gump EA settings is a straightforward process:

Download and InstallFirst, download and install the Forex Gump EA software on your trading platform.
Open the EALaunch the EA on your platform. You’ll usually find it in the Expert Advisors section.
Set Currency PairsChoose the currency pairs you want the EA to trade. This depends on your preferences and market analysis.
Adjust Risk LevelsConfigure the risk parameters based on your risk tolerance. This setting determines the size of each trade.
Activate Additional FeaturesEnable or disable additional features like news filtering or trend analysis based on your trading strategy.
Save and ApplyOnce you’ve set your preferences, save the configurations and apply the changes.
Monitor PerformanceAfter configuration, closely monitor the EA’s performance, and make adjustments as needed.

What is a Forex EA?

A Forex EA, or Expert Advisor, is a software program designed to automate trading in the foreign exchange (forex) market. It operates based on predefined trading strategies and algorithms, executing trades on behalf of the user. EAs are created to analyze market conditions, identify trading opportunities, and execute buy or sell orders without the need for manual intervention. Traders use EAs to implement strategies, save time, and potentially take advantage of market opportunities 24/7.

Install the Forex EA

To install a Forex EA (Expert Advisor), follow these steps:

Download EA FileObtain the EA file from the official source or your chosen provider.
Open Trading PlatformLaunch your trading platform (like MetaTrader 4 or 5).
Locate “Experts” FolderFind the “Experts” folder within the platform’s directory.
Copy EA FileCopy the downloaded EA file and paste it into the “Experts” folder.
Restart PlatformClose and restart the trading platform to ensure the EA is recognized.
Navigate to NavigatorOn the platform, go to the “Navigator” panel.
Drag EA onto ChartFind your EA in the “Expert Advisors” section, drag it onto the chart you want to trade.
Adjust SettingsSet any parameters or preferences as required.
Enable AutotradingEnsure autotrading is enabled; usually, there’s a button with a green or red light.


Does forex trading robots really work?

Forex trading robots can work, but their effectiveness depends on various factors, so thorough research is crucial.

Which forex robot is the most profitable?

Determining the most profitable forex robot varies, and it’s crucial to assess each one’s performance based on individual preferences and market conditions.

Is forex bot safe?

The safety of a forex bot depends on factors like strategy, market conditions, and user discretion; thorough research is essential.

How much does a forex robot cost?

Forex robot costs vary; for example, Forex Gump offers pricing plans starting at €199 or €399 with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

What is a forex gump?

Forex Gump is a popular Forex robot designed to automate trading with customizable features and compatibility with MetaTrader platforms.

What is the best forex trading bot?

Determining the best forex trading bot is subjective, as effectiveness varies based on individual preferences and market conditions.

How does a forex trading bot work?

A forex trading bot works by automating trade decisions based on pre-defined criteria and rules, executing transactions on behalf of the trader.

Are forex trading bots legal?

Yes, forex trading bots are legal, but their use must comply with broker and regulatory terms.

Are forex bots worth it?

The worth of forex bots varies; success depends on factors like strategy, market conditions, and user experience.

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Forex Gump Review 2024