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Any Forex trader worth their salt will appreciate the need for a reliable, high-speed and secure Internet connection. When you’re first starting out you may not appreciate how important it is, and only when you’ve lost a trade because you lost your connection, missed out because you were unable to react in time, or suffered the loss of a profitable trade because your partner decided it was time to switch your computer off, will you realise how vital it is to stay connected – even in the middle of the night, or when you’ve lost power because of a glitch with the electricity supply. There is a way that this sort of problem can be overcome, with the help of VPS hosting. And even better news is that some Forex brokers offer VPS without any additional charge. So for the uninitiated, or those a little less tech-savvy, we’ll try and explain what it’s all about, and help you to understand the advantages.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server, and is a way for a Forex trader to keep their trading platform remotely, using its own dedicated remote server. VPS hosting became popular for Forex traders with the introduction of Expert Advisors, otherwise known as Forex trading robots. It is usual for Forex brokers to offer this extra for an additional fee, but there are a number of Forex brokers offering VPS for free. However, as is often the case with anything seemingly given away for free, there are usually certain requirements that have to be fulfilled. These are often the need to keep a certain account balance, or to perform a certain number of trades.

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How does VPS hosting work?

Basically, VPS hosting is a server within a much bigger server. It is a service that is often used by website owners, as a website will get access to far more powerful hardware, thus making it far more efficient and user-friendly. The software of a VPS is set up on a machine that is divided into several virtual compartments. Each individual unit is, therefore, able to function completely independently of any other. The server may host other websites or users of the service, but each will be housed in its own special compartment. The resources used by the server such as disk space, CPU, and RAM all work independently of each other. A good way to envisage how this happens is to imagine a website with its own special room. Everything it needs to survive is there in the room with it. In effect, a VPS hosting server will be your very own dedicated server, which you’ll have complete control over, and be able to enjoy almost the same benefits as the much more expensive option of your own dedicated server.

If you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true, you’re right. However, the downside is really rather minor, although still worthy of a mention. VPS hosting is a less expensive option, but the drawback is that you will have to share some amenities. On a more positive note, though, should there be any problems there will be someone you can call for instant support.

What to look for when picking the top Forex brokers with free VPS

When it comes to choosing a Forex broker you’re going to want to find the best possible one. There are a number of factors you should be looking out for, including Forex broker bonuses, different types of trading platform, spreads, payment methods, and whether a broker is offering free VPS. As we’re concentrating on Forex brokers offering free VPS, let’s help you by pointing out what you need to be looking for. Having the best Forex broker in your corner is going to improve your chances of success, and enable you to benefit from speed, security, stability, and flexible resources. You should look out for the following:

  • The best security and maintenance service – This should include firewalls and other antivirus measures along with 24-hour monitoring to ensure that downtime is kept to a minimum.
  • The availability of multiple datacentres, or one close to your home – This will ensure the fastest possible speed for order execution.
  • 24/7 customer support – The availability of good customer service round the clock is an important consideration. You never know when you’ll have a problem or need some support. Being able to communicate via live chat is an added bonus, but at the very least there should be a phone line and email option.
  • Installed software, or the ability to download your own – It’s going to be a bonus if there is already good software installed on the server, but it will also be advantageous to be able to instal your own. This could include your own trading platform, trading charts, and other automated applications you prefer to use.
  • A good range of free trading tools – These might include indicators, Expert Advisors, and other trading tools to help with your trading, and hopefully lead to greater profits.

What are the advantages of using VPS hosting for Forex trading?

There are a number of positives that come from choosing a Forex broker with free VPS hosting – aside from the obvious added protection, of course. Being able to trade without any worries is always going to be a bonus, however big your trades may be. A reliable VPS hosting service is recommended if you are using an automated strategy, as the trading platform will need to be running 24 hours a day. There are a number of scenarios when VPS hosting will come in useful. Say, for example, there is a loss of power in your home, or you run out of battery on your tablet or mobile phone. Maybe you simply lose your Internet connection, which is perfectly feasible even in today’s modern world. Or somebody unplugs your PC by mistake. It is possible for one of these things to happen at any time of the night or day; and if you’re using an Expert Advisor or automated trading software, even the slightest interruption has the potential to be very costly. Using a VPS means you are always going to be online. A VPS is a standalone computer that can be rebooted at any time totally independently, and can be accessed from almost anywhere.

The option of a VPS hosting service will rarely cost more than $50 per month, and there are a number of Forex brokers who offer the service at a discount, or completely free of charge.

Once you’ve decided that a free VPS Forex broker is the way to go, there are a number of questions you should be asking before accepting any kind of offer.

Questions to ask before signing up with a Forex broker offering free VPS

Is the service always going to be free, or is it a free trial promotion? You can check this by reading the small print in the terms and conditions. You don’t really want to find yourself having to pay for the service after just 30 days of using it.

Are there different minimum account size requirements, or minimum trading amounts? It is usual for Forex brokers with free VPS to include minimum account sizes and trading amounts, as this is a way for them to make money on the deal.

What level of quality is being offered? If you’re planning to use lots of different strategies, or use a scalping strategy, a free service may not be up to the job. But for regular strategies, it will be more than adequate.

Is the service reliable? Ideally, you want the Forex broker to offer a hosting service that is reliable with speedy and stable connections.

So there you have it: Everything you need to know about Forex brokers with free VPS. There are definitely benefits to using a VPS, and if it isn’t going to cost any extra, where’s the harm in giving it a go?

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