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TradesAI provides a range of tools, including indicators and signals, accessible to both free and premium users. What sets TradesAI apart is its emphasis on community support, educational resources, and real-time signals, making it an inclusive solution suitable for traders of any expertise level.

What Makes TradesAI Unique

The platform offers advanced features like Multi-timeframe order blocks and double top/double bottom + Fibonacci indicators. Its primary goal is to equip traders with top-tier tools and knowledge, intending to minimize losses and maximize profit potential.


TradesAI provides pricing options, offering both free and subscription plans with the flexibility of quarterly and annual subscriptions. The platform caters to a diverse range of markets, encompassing stocks, forex, and crypto, across various timeframes. With a focus on signal accuracy, it introduces two signal modes – Confirmation and Contrarian – to accommodate different trading styles.

PlanIndicatorsSignalsIndicators + Signals
Crypto Annually$630/yr$780/yr$1180/yr

How to Login
To get started with TradesAI, visit their website and pick the plan that aligns with your needs. After choosing your membership and completing the purchase, follow the provided instructions to connect your trading accounts. Once this process is completed, you’ll gain instant access to TradesAI. If you encounter any challenges, reach out to their support team at [email protected], and make sure to include your TradingView username for prompt assistance.

How Accurate are the Signals on TradesAI?
TradesAI signals go beyond a static win rate for accuracy; they are designed to enhance your technical analysis. Past performance doesn’t ensure future results. Consider the signals as a supplementary tool to strengthen your technical analysis and support decision-making in your trading endeavors.

Is there a free trial for TradesAI?  
TradesAI provides a free indicator with no charges or restrictions for users. This complimentary indicator serves as a practical avenue for users to explore and grasp the features of TradesAI. It helps individuals assess whether the platform’s tools align with their trading requirements before opting for a subscription. The freemium approach is crafted to offer users a firsthand experience of the TradesAI platform.

TradesAI Trendlines [Freemium Indicator]  

TradesAI Trendlines, a free tool, simplifies the process of drawing trendlines on trading charts. Users can select a starting point, and the tool automatically extends the relevant trendlines based on specific rules for each candlestick.

This feature not only saves time for experienced traders but also streamlines the task for beginners by eliminating the necessity for manual trendline drawing. Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it enhances trading efficiency for individuals of all expertise levels across different markets and timeframes.


TradesAI Trend Lines provides valuable features for traders:

Trendline Tool:

  • Simplifies drawing trendlines, allowing users to choose a starting point.
  • Automatically extends relevant trendlines based on specific rules for each candlestick.
  • Monitors and adjusts trendlines in real-time to adapt to changing market conditions.

Log vs. Linear Scale Switch:

  • Enables users to switch between log and linear scales, displaying trendlines based on preferences.
  • Essential for updating trendlines and verifying criteria, such as touches or hard closes.

Variety of Trendlines:

  • Provides options to display all forms of trendlines, final trendlines, or backside trendlines as per user preferences.

User Benefits:

  • Caters to both novice and experienced traders.
  • Saves time for experienced traders, enhancing efficiency.
  • Assists beginners in bypassing the learning curve associated with manual trendline drawing.


  • Works across all markets: stocks, indices, forex, futures, crypto, and commodities.
  • Compatible with all timeframes, making it suitable for various trading styles.

Why is it used?

TradesAI Trendlines is a tool crafted to simplify the drawing of trendlines on charts for traders. It aids in identifying crucial points on a chart and automatically extends trendlines, establishing “Liquidity Zones” that serve as indicators for potential market reactions. Experienced traders value it for its time-saving efficiency in automating the trendline drawing process. For beginners, it offers a more manageable learning curve in manual charting. The tool’s primary objective is to boost trading efficiency by delivering precise support and resistance levels, catering to traders with varying levels of experience and diverse trading preferences.

TradesAI Free Signals [Freemium Signals Group]

Their FREE Signals Groups, driven by their advanced Premium indicator and additional automated algorithms in their backend servers, operate on diverse messaging and social media platforms like Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, Instagram, and others. These groups share comprehensive trading setups, anticipating Entries, Take Profits, and Stop Losses across various assets like stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. You have the freedom to act on Signals within your preferred exchange or broker, providing flexibility to follow them as they are or make slight adjustments based on your unique strategies.

TradesAI ELITE [Premium Indicator]

TradesAI ELITE, a premium indicator from TradesAI, integrates three robust tools into a unified package for traders. This comprehensive offering includes trendlines, market structure breakouts (MSB), and order blocks (OB). Utilizing artificial intelligence, it autonomously identifies and extends trendlines with precision, eliminating the potential for human errors. 

Traders can seamlessly navigate between charts and timeframes, benefiting from advanced configurations for automatic drawing, adjustment, and invalidation of trendlines based on factors like pivots, candle range, and Fibonacci levels. Tailored for both beginners and seasoned traders, this indicator prioritizes time efficiency and instills confidence in trading decisions.

Features of the tool

TradesAI ELITE, a feature-rich tool, is tailored to elevate traders’ capabilities with the following functionalities:

Automated Trendline DrawingLeveraging artificial intelligence, it autonomously identifies and extends trendlines from specific candlestick points, ensuring precision without manual drawing.
Real-time MonitoringDynamically tracking trendlines, it seamlessly transitions between buying and selling zones as market structures evolve. Instant adjustments are provided to maintain accuracy and relevance.
ConfigurationTraders can effortlessly switch between different charts and timeframes, offering flexibility to cater to diverse trading preferences. Advanced configurations enable automatic drawing, adjustment, and invalidation of trendlines, factoring in various elements.
Alerts for Real-time FormationsTimely alerts are issued when trendlines form in real-time, keeping traders updated on potential market shifts.
Log vs. Linear Scale SwitchUsers have the option to switch between log and linear scales, adapting to different trendline display preferences.
Comprehensive Trendline TypesThe tool provides flexibility, allowing users to display all forms of trendlines, final trendlines, or specific backside trendlines based on individual preferences.
Trendlines CombinationOverlay ELITE with trendlines to improve signals. Explore intersection points between ELITE’s breakout regions and trendlines for a comprehensive perspective.
Integration with Market Structure Breakout (MSB)Create a robust strategy by combining ELITE with MSB. MSB identifies specific chart patterns, providing added confluence and strengthening trade signals when aligned with ELITE.
Utilization Across Multiple TimeframesApply ELITE across different timeframes alongside tools like moving averages or support/resistance levels. Consistent patterns and levels on various timeframes offer stronger confirmation for potential trades.
Confirmation IndicatorsStrengthen trade setups by integrating confirmation indicators like RSI or MACD with ELITE. Alignment of these indicators with ELITE breakouts adds an extra layer of confirmation to potential trade setups.
Consider Fundamental AnalysisBoost confidence in potential trade success by combining ELITE analysis with fundamental factors. If an ELITE breakout aligns with positive fundamental developments, it enhances confidence in the potential success of a trade.

TradesAI Premium Signals [Premium Signals Groups]

These groups on the social media platforms such as Telegram, Discord, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc., offer comprehensive setups. This includes Entries, Take Profits, and Stop Losses across diverse assets like stocks, indices, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. 

Premium Signals come with detailed charts and insights from senior trading desk’s analysts, providing you the flexibility to execute them within your preferred exchange/broker. You can choose to follow them as they are or make slight adjustments based on your specific strategies.


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Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.3 Overall Rating

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