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The Funded Trader has suddenly announced that they are stopping their operations. One of the messages their team has left online is that they are working hard on getting back, but traders seem to have a different opinion. No one was commenting on payouts nor the exact relaunch date, but there is a day counter on their website so it seems something is in motion. 

Their CEO Angelo Ciaramello, shared on X: “In pausing our operations, we will be relaunching the brand but with a slightly different look and feel.”

The Funded Trader announcement

What You Need to Know about The Funded Trader

The Funded Trader is registered under Easton Consulting Technologies. They shortly stated that the firm: “has temporarily ceased all operations, including new purchases, effective immediately.” 

The Funded Trader payouts

A Fallen Prop Trading Empire?

The service termination came as a shock since at the same time as The Funded Trader, another portfolio firm of Easton Consulting Technologies, “paused all operations.” The administrator of the official Discord server of Skilled Funded Traders highlighted that Easton corporation is not clarifying much on the situation other than technical difficulties.

Will the Traders Be Compensated?

No word of that yet. Similar to The Funded Trader, traders at Skilled Funded Trader also left their comments on Trustpilot, to post complaints, including payout denials and even trading conditions.

The Funded Trader team stated that they will do a ‘self imposed internal audit’ of all payouts. The prop trading firm said at the time that it will be ‘ensuring all payouts are in line with our terms of service’, and do not violate the gambling policies that the company has in place.

What if You are Waiting for The Funded Trader Payout?

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