Looking for a User-Friendly Trading Platform? Read About ActTrader Forex Brokers

ActTraderMetaQuotes and its MT4 and MT5 trading platforms seem to have the world of Forex trading pretty much sewn up. Sadly, for many these are the only available choices. MetaQuotes don’t have it all their own way, though. There are a number of contenders waiting in the wings to challenge MetaTrader. One of them is ActTrader, which has been developed by ActTrader Technologies Inc. It is a platform developed for algorithmic trading, and there are a number of ActTrader Forex brokers to choose from.

A brief overview of what’s on offer with ActTrader

ActTrader is a trading platform that has been developed by ActForex. It is also known as ICTS, and is one of a selection of platforms ActForex offers. These include ActPad, ActPhone, ActWebTrader, and ActDroid. It is a platform that has been made available in a number of different languages, and is currently the second most popular trading platform available.

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ActTrader is proud of what it has designed, and so it should be. It is a full-featured trading platform that can be customised to individual needs. Forex brokers offering ActTrader are able to give traders the opportunity to trade CFDs, equities, ETFs, options, forwards, and of course foreign currency pairs.

It is a very flexible platform, and comes with built-in one-click trading capabilities. Market, stop and limit orders, and price alerts are supported, along with a comprehensive charting package that includes more than 30 technical indicators.

Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and explain some of the features in more detail.

Our first impressions of ActTrader

Once you’ve signed up with an ActTrader Forex broker you’ll soon be able to find your way around the trading platform. From the very beginning, you’ll be made to feel at home with an interface that is very user-friendly and pleasing to the eye. Everything about the platform is well organised, and you are able to change things around for a more tailored experience. To help with recognition, the upper part of the screen uses buttons with graphical representations rather than text or abbreviations. And thanks to the FXVoyager toolbar, all the important commands are easily accessible.

ActTrader is responsive from the outset.

From its initial launch and all the way through, ActTrader has always been a very reactive trading platform. It is loaded in no time at all,  and all its great features are ready to go. It’s child’s play to place orders, and even when the market is moving quickly the chance of a requote is pretty rare. Any trader activity is responded to swiftly, which makes using it an absolute breeze.

ActTrader has so many great features.

ActTrader is more than able to match the features of any other trading platform; but for starters, there are ample opportunities to trade a number of different instruments such as ETFs, CFDs, Forex and currency options. Opening and closing positions is effortless, and the one-click trading function means traders are able to customise with ease, according to their own particular preferences. A useful tool called ActFX has been added, and is there for evaluating charts, automatically opening and closing positions, and back-testing strategies. Traders are also notified instantly, with the help of a Price Alert tool, when a particular instrument meets a preset price.

To help with the decision-making process ActTrader provides a good variety of graphs and charts.

When it comes to Forex trading it’s always going to be an advantage if there are a good range of charts and graphs to help with trading decisions. Using ActTrader allows a trader to be quick off the mark with trading decisions, as there are more than 30 technical indicators such as line, bar, and candlestick charts. The toolbar located at the top of the charts also has a number of useful features: Traders can effortlessly print, zoom, save and draw using a range of tools. It is also possible to create objects and links to other charts. For even quicker trades it is easy to do everything directly from the charts, with easy access to positions, orders and price alerts.

Account management is a breeze.

There is little chance of a trader losing where they are with their account activity, because ActTrader makes it really easy to keep track of. There is a summary window that shows all open positions, along with a synopsis of all accounts, or one in particular if preferred. Open positions are displayed per instrument along with net profit and loss. There is also an Account Information window that can be used for multiple accounts as well as just one. With everything ActTrader has to offer, it is a piece of cake for traders to monitor everything they do.

What do we think of the ActTrader trading platform?

We have to say that ActTrader has definitely developed a trading platform to be proud of – and MetaQuotes should be a little worried about their position at the top of the popularity charts. While it is undoubtedly the favourite for a large number of traders and brokers, we feel it isn’t going to be long before there are plenty more ActTrader Forex brokers.

ActTrader is very user-friendly and easy to organise, and the fact that it is so customisable means that it is flexible and can be tailored to suit individual trading styles and traders. There is so little to worry about, and all the important information is readily available so that traders should be able to concentrate on the business in hand: namely, making the right trades.

Both experienced traders and beginners will have no problem finding their way around, because it is so easy to navigate. And even those who find themselves struggling will be able to find help online.

The ActTrader trading platform is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and has plenty to offer traders when it comes to making trading decisions.

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