TradeLocker Review

TradeLocker Review

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TradeLocker Overview

TradeLocker is a state-of-the-art trading platform designed to meet the demands of traders and brokers who crave advanced trading tools and a seamless trading experience.

Our Rating of TradeLocker

  • Launch date: 2022
  • Users: 100k and growing fast
  • Charting: Using TradingView Charting
  • KYC: TradeLocker is a day-trading technology provider, it doesn’t require a KYC process.

Our Overall Rating:

  • TradeLocker was launched in 2022. It is a relatively new platform that offers innovative features and modern technology
  • With an estimated 100k users and growing fast, TradeLocker has gained significant traction and popularity within the trading community
  • TradeLocker provides access to community reports and signals through its Discord channel, which can be valuable resources for traders
  • TradeLocker utilizes TradingView charting, which is a trusted charting platform known for its advanced features and user-friendly interface
  • TradeLocker offers technology support and bug reporting during trade hours. This way users have reliable support if they have any technical issues
  • TradeLocker has an active and engaged community on Discord (, providing traders with a platform to connect, share ideas, and learn
  • TradeLocker offers its services for free to individual traders, making it accessible to a wide range of users
  • There is no official list of brokers associated with TradeLocker provided. Users are directed to ask for recommendations in the Discord community or search for “TradeLocker brokers” online, which may lead to uncertainty or additional research for users
  • The dataset does not provide any information about whether TradeLocker offers screener tools for traders, which could be a drawback for those who rely on such tools for their trading strategies
  • As a day-trading technology provider, TradeLocker does not have control over users’ deposits, withdrawals, or balances
  • Users must access TradeLocker through a broker or prop firm, and TradeLocker does not require a KYC process

Who Owns TradeLocker? 

Company is registered as Riverna Ltd, Dundrum Business Park, D14 N2F6, Ireland.

CompanyRiverna Ltd
HeadquartersDundrum Business Park, D14 N2F6, Ireland
SupportAvailable every work day from 12pm – 9pm EST

TradeLocker Forex Brokers

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Min Deposit: €10

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Min Deposit: $10
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How To Start Using Tradelocker?

TradeLocker Login

  • To log in to TradeLocker, visit the TradeLocker live or demo trading platform in your browser.
  • For the live platform, go to
  • For the demo platform, go to 
  • Switch between the live and demo accounts easily using the switch button in the upper right corner or the in-app button. 
  • To get your login information, contact your broker. They will provide you with your username, password, and server details for your TradeLocker account. 
  • Enter these credentials to log in to TradeLocker.


TradeLocker offers a user-friendly interface that is both customizable and easy to navigate. Our platform is designed to meet the needs of traders at every level, ensuring a seamless trading experience.

TradeLocker Interface has 6 main sections:

  • Instruments/Pairs section
  • Portfolio
  • Profile settings
  • Chart customization tools
  • Chart editing tools
  • Order panel

Simple One-Click Trading

TradeLocker’s one-click trading makes trading efficient.With a simple click, traders can make market orders instantly, without any additional confirmation steps. 

This feature is essential during fast-paced and volatile market conditions, as delays can lead to missed opportunities and unfavorable price slippage. One-click trading gives traders the power to act fast and take advantage of positive movements.


tradelocker charts

Chart Customization Tools

  • They are located in the top left corner of the chart:
  • Refresh rate changer
  • Style switcher (changes the chart style, eg. Candles, Bars, Line.)
  • Indicators scripts
  • Templates (you can save your own templates and access them here)

Chart Editing Tools

There are different tools available for you to edit your charts and help you monitor the data:

Tradelocker Chart Editing Tools
  • Draw Trend Lines
  • Gann and Fibonacci tools
  • Geometric Shapes
  • Annotation tools
  • Patterns
  • Prediction and measurement tools
  • Icons
  • Measure
  • Zoom in
  • Zoom out
  • Magnet tool

Drawing Tools

When using drawing tools and after finishing your drawing, a menu will open up that will enable you to customize that drawing tool in a variety of ways.

Using a trend line as an example, the corresponding menu that appears when you draw or select your trend line lets you change the color, thickness of the line, type of line, etc. By personalizing these elements, you can create a more intuitive and visually coherent trading environment.

Also, you can easily hide all your chart drawings by clicking the eye icon on the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. To show the drawings again, just re-click the eye icon. To delete the drawings, click on the trash icon.

How to add, remove, collapse or move TradingView indicators?

Here’s how to easily add TradingView indicators to your chart. Click on the icon saying ‘fx indicators’ above the chart on the left side and select your indicators. If you want to remove the indicators, just click on the ‘X’ button above each different panel.

You can also:

  • collapse panel
  • maximize panel
  • move up or down
  • collapse, maximize or move TradingView indicators in TradeLocker

Removing unnecessary indicators helps to optimize your workspace, making it easier to efficiently trade. Collapsing indicators can simplify your view, allowing you to focus on price or any other specific elements. This flexibility is beneficial for traders who use multiple strategies, since it allows quick transitions between setups. 

TradeLocker is good for both beginners and expert traders. Beginners can start with basic indicators and add more as they gain comfort, while experts can set up a more complex workspace.

Fundamental Data on Charts

TradingView Indicators 

The flexibility to add, remove, collapse, or move TradingView indicators within TradeLocker offers several advantages. Customizing the indicators lets you focus on relevant data.

Trendline Tool 

Tradelocker Trendline Tool

You can improve your trading strategy with the Trendline tool. Analyze market trends, support and resistance levels, and even pinpoint potential entry and exit points. 

With just a few clicks, you can access this valuable tool by selecting the instrument or currency pair on the chart and locating the trendline tool icon in the drawing tools menu.

Horizontal Line Tool

The horizontal line tool is a must-have for any trader’s technical analysis toolkit. It allows you to easily mark important price levels and visualize supply and demand zones. 

This tool can be combined with indicators like moving averages or RSI to confirm trading signals. 

Parallel Chanell Tool

This tool captures trending market conditions and shows support and resistance levels. It is invaluable for identifying potential entry and exit points for trades. Perfect for swing traders who thrive on price fluctuations within a defined channel. Plus, use the parallel channel tool to spot divergence between price and indicators for even more confirmation.

Fib Retracement Tool 

The Fib Retracement Tool provides a systematic method for analyzing the market. It uses predefined Fibonacci ratios to identify likely reversal points, making it valuable for both trend-following and counter-trend strategies.

It is often used in combination with other indicators to validate the strength of a potential support or resistance level. The tool streamlines the process of identifying trade setups with a high success probability..

Rectangle tool 

The rectangle tool enhances chart analysis by highlighting key areas. By framing consolidation patterns, it aids in predicting potential breakthroughs or breakdowns. Drawing rectangles around price ranges helps in setting stop-loss or take-profit levels. 

This tool is useful for marking historical support and resistance zones, providing context for current price action. It improves chart readability, enabling faster interpretation of complex patterns and levels.

Long and short prediction tool 

The long and short prediction tool helps in visual learning. It visually presents risk-to-reward ratios on a chart, enabling swift adjustments and enhancing real-time decision-making.

This tool is very useful for strategy testing, it helps users to envision various scenarios before investing. The long and short prediction tool serves as a consistent reminder of your trading plan, preventing impulsive actions that don’t align with your set strategy.

Ruler tool

The ruler tool is measuring price changes, calculating potential profits or losses, and determining stop-loss and take-profit levels. It can also measure time intervals between market events, helping you to forecast future price actions based on historical data. The ruler tool can assess angles, helping traders that use trendline-based strategies.

TradeLocker Community

The TradeLocker Community is very developed. They have a huge support on: Youtube channel, Discord and Reddit. 

TradeLocker Pricing

TradeLocker is FREE for traders, but you need to contact them to check  B2B pricing for brokers and prop firms.


Every work day from 12pm – 9pm EST. They answer in 48 hours. Tradelocker users can easily report bugs through the platform’s designated channels. The speed of bug resolution may vary depending on the complexity, but they efficiently resolve reported bugs. 

No Download Mobile Trading 

TradeLocker’s web-based platform provides traders flexibility and convenience. No downloads or installations are required, as traders can access accounts from any web browser. This consistent experience across all devices allows traders to engage in trading activities whenever. Whether you’re trading from your desktop or mobile device, TradeLocker provides easy access to your account and the markets.

Author Opinion 

TradeLocker revolutionizes the world of trading with its innovative approach, user-friendly interface, and comprehensive toolset. With seamless integration with TradingView, one-click trading, risk management features, and a web-based platform, it offers everything you need to excel in the fast-paced financial markets.

TradeLocker should be on your radar. With a strong focus on innovation and equipping traders with the right tools, TradeLocker stands out in the crowded world of online trading. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader, TradeLocker’s features and functionalities make it an excellent choice. 

Welcome Bonus
Min Deposit: $0

Licensing & Safety
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4.8 Overall Rating

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