Funded Lion Review

Funded Lion Review

✅ Accounts: $10k - $200k
✅ Profit Split: up to 100%
✅ Profit Targets: 10% (1-step), 8%/5% (2-step)

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By offering traders the opportunity to manage substantial capital and advance to professional trading roles within their hedge fund, The Funded Lion Ltd stands out in the trading industry. This review will explain why The Funded Lion Ltd is unique and appealing.

We’ll look at everything from account sizes, career development opportunities, trading conditions, and support services. By the end of this review, you’ll see what makes The Funded Lion Ltd a compelling choice for traders and why it could be the perfect fit for your trading needs.

Create an account now and start your trading journey with The Funded Lion Ltd.

Promotional Code for Funded Lion Prop Firm

Currently, there are no available promotional or coupon codes for The Funded Lion Ltd.

Insight into Funded Lion Prop Firm

Company Name

The official name is The Funded Lion Ltd.

Registered Office

The registered address is at 42 Dept, 402 Downster, DN6 8DA.

Year Founded

The year of establishment is not mentioned on their website or available at the time of writing.

Country of Registration

The Funded Lion Ltd is registered in the United Kingdom.


The owners of The Funded Lion Ltd are not disclosed on their website or accessible at the time of writing.

Trading Platforms Available

The Funded Lion Ltd provides various trading platforms to suit different preferences. These platforms include:

  • MT5 (MetaTrader 5): Known for its advanced trading features.
  • MT4 (MetaTrader 4): Especially favored for forex trading.
  • TradeLocker: A versatile platform with unique features.

They collaborate with brokers like Thinkmarkets and Blueberry Markets to offer these platforms, ensuring a dependable trading environment.

Trading Instruments at Funded Lion

The Funded Lion Ltd offers a broad range of instruments, allowing for diversified trading strategies. These include:

  • Forex: Major, minor, and exotic currency pairs.
  • Commodities: Precious metals, energy, and agricultural products.
  • Indices: Major global indices.
  • Crypto: Popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more.

Payment Methods at Funded Lion Prop Firm

The Funded Lion Ltd offers traders convenient methods for making payments to start trading. These methods include:

  • Card Payments: Secure and straightforward via credit or debit cards.
  • Crypto Payments: Flexibility to pay with various cryptocurrencies.

Account Sizes & Cost of Entry

The Funded Lion Ltd offers a variety of account sizes to accommodate different trading preferences. The available account sizes and their costs are:

Single-Phase Challenge

  • $10,000: $117.00
  • $25,000: $227.00
  • $50,000: $357.00
  • $100,000: $597.00
  • $200,000: $1,077.00

Two-Step Challenge

  • $10,000: $97.00
  • $25,000: $187.00
  • $50,000: $297.00
  • $100,000: $497.00
  • $200,000: $977.00

Profit Sharing at Funded Lion Prop Firm

The profit split system at The Funded Lion Ltd is structured to progressively reward traders. The details are as follows:

  • One Step Challenge: Not specified.
  • Two Step Challenge:
    • First withdrawal: 60% profit share.
    • Second withdrawal: 70% profit share.
    • Third withdrawal: 85% profit share.
    • Fourth withdrawal: 100% profit share.
  • EA Usage:
    • First payout: 50% profit split.
    • Subsequent payouts: 75% profit split.

Profit Targets for Funded Lion Prop Firm

The profit targets at The Funded Lion Ltd are designed to assess and reward traders’ abilities and consistency:

  • One Step Challenge: 10% target.
  • Two Step Challenge:
    • Phase 1: 8% target.
    • Phase 2: 5% target.
  • Hedge Fund Challenge (Coming Soon): 10% target.

Drawdown and Loss Limits at Funded Lion Prop Firm

The Funded Lion Ltd enforces specific limits to maintain disciplined trading:

  • One Step Challenge:
    • Daily Drawdown: None.
    • Trailing Loss: 7%.
  • Two Step Challenge:
    • Daily Loss: 5%.
    • Maximum Loss: 10%.
  • Hedge Fund Challenge:
    • Daily Loss: 5%.
    • Maximum Loss: 10%.

Trading Days Requirements at Funded Lion Prop Firm

The Funded Lion Ltd offers flexibility with trading duration requirements:

  • Minimum Trading Days:
    • One Step Challenge: Not specified.
    • Two Step Challenge: Not specified.
  • Maximum Trading Days: Unlimited for all challenges.

Challenge Steps at Funded Lion Prop Firm

The Funded Lion Ltd provides a structured framework for trading challenges:

  1. One Step Challenge: Reach a 10% profit target with no daily drawdown and a 7% trailing loss.
  2. Two Step Challenge:
    • Phase 1: Reach an 8% profit target.
    • Phase 2: Reach a 5% profit target.
    • Both phases have a daily loss limit of 5% and a maximum loss limit of 10%.
  3. Hedge Fund Challenge (Coming Soon): Expected to follow a similar structure to the Two Step Challenge with a 10% profit target.

Trading Fees and Commissions at Funded Lion Prop Firm

Details about trading fees and commissions at The Funded Lion Ltd are not provided on their website or accessible at the time of writing.

Refund Policies at Funded Lion Prop Firm

The refund policies for fees paid to participate in challenges at The Funded Lion Ltd are not mentioned on their website or accessible at the time of writing.

Does Funded Lion Prop Firm Offer Free Trials?

There are no free trials offered by The Funded Lion Ltd at this time. The website does not provide details on trial availability.

Payout Intervals at Funded Lion

Traders can expect regular payouts from The Funded Lion Ltd, which are processed every 14 days after the initial 14 days.

Trustpilot Community Feedback

The Good
  • Positive reviews on customer support.
  • Generous profit sharing.
  • User-friendly trading platform.
The Bad
  • Lack of free trials.
  • Insufficient details on fees and commissions.

Funded Lion FAQ Section

What is the profit split on the Hedge Fund Challenge?

First Payout: Eligible within 14 days of the first trade.
Second Payout: Eligible within 10 days of the first trade for a new trading period.
Subsequent Payouts: Eligible within 7 days of the first trade for each new trading period.

The profit share scales as follows:
Withdraw 1: 60% Profit Share
Withdraw 2: 70% Profit Share
Withdraw 3: 85% Profit Share
Withdraw 4: 100% Profit Share

When and how can a withdrawal be requested?

Funded traders can request a withdrawal 21 days after placing their first position on the funded account. After the second payout, the trader can request a payout on a weekly basis. Payout requests can be made in the trader dashboard, and withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

Are EAs allowed?

Yes, EAs (Expert Advisors) are allowed. However, when an EA is used on a challenge account or funded account, the trader’s profit split will be reduced to 50% on the first payout. For the second and subsequent payouts, the trader will receive a 75% profit split.

Is crypto trading allowed?

Yes, crypto trading is allowed.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply fill out the sign-up form. Once the signup is completed, instant access to the account will be provided.

What are the payment options?

Customers can buy an account using a card or crypto.

Starting Fees: $97 - $1,077
Challenge Types: 1-step or 2-step
Payout: 14 days (first payout), 10 days then weekly
Licensing & Safety
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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Funded Lion Review