Pinnacle Trader FX Review

Pinnacle Trader FX Review

✅ Accounts: $5k - $200K
✅ Profit Split: 90%
✅ Profit Targets: 8%, 9%, 5%

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Pinnacle Trader FX is a new prop firm registered in 2024 in the USA. Pinnacle Trader FX has 1-step and 2-step challenges. They use a challenge process to select only the best forex traders.

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Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm: Exclusive Coupon Information

There are no coupons available. 

Getting to Know Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm

  • Pinnacle Trader FX’s Corporate Name: Pinnacle Trader Fx LLC
  • Street Address:166 Geary St. STE 1500 #1051 San Francisco, CA 94108 United States
  • Starting Year for Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm:2024
  • Business Location Registry for Pinnacle Trader FX: United States of America
  • Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm’s Ownership Explained: No information on owners. 

What Trading Platforms Does Pinnacle Trader FX Offer?

MT5 is the only available trading platform at Pinnacle Trader Fx.

Trading Instruments at Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm

Forex, Indices, Commodities and Crypto.

Payment Methods at Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm

Rise and Crypto. 

Exploring Account Size Options at Pinnacle Trader FX

The 1-Step Challenge has five account sizes:

  • $5k
  • $10k
  • $25k
  • $50k
  • $100k

The 2-Step Challenge has six account sizes:

  • $5k
  • $10k
  • $25k
  • $50k
  • $100k
  • $200k

How Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm Shares Profits

Pinnacle Trader has a 90% profit share option. 

Setting the Bar: Profit Targets at Pinnacle Trader FX

The profit target for the 1-Step Challenge is 8%. The first step of the 2-Step Challenge has a 9% profit target, and 5% in the second step.

Drawdown Rules and Loss Limits at Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm

You can lose up to 4% in the first step of both challenges. The Second step of the 2-Step Challenge has a 5% maximum daily loss.

The maximum total loss is 8%, again in the first step of both challenges and 10% in the second step of the 2-Step Challenge.

Number of Trading Days Allowed

Unlimited. Pinnacle Trader FX doesn’t have a minimum or maximum number of trading days.

Cost of Entry for Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm’s Challenge

1-Step Challenge:

Account SizeCost

2-Step Challenge:

Account SizeCost

Fees and Commissions: What to Expect at Pinnacle Trader FX

$6 per lot, except on indices which have no commission. 

Information on Refunds at Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm

There is no information regarding the Pinnacle Trader FX refunds.

Free Trials

No free trials. 

Payout Timeline at Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm

Every 5 days after the first payout. 

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Pinnacle Trader FX Prop Firm (According to Trustpilot reviews)

  • Payouts every 5 days
  • Many account sizes are available
  • Two types of challenges are available
  • Lack of ownership information
  • No free trial

Pinnacle Trader FX FAQ Section

How do I request payout?

You can request a payout through live support with your account information.

What broker will we be using?

Pinnacle Trader FX is partnered with CBT.

Is hedging allowed?

No. Your account will be closed if you use hedging.

Is news trading allowed?

Yes, but you can’t open new positions two minutes before and two minutes after.

Starting Fees: $47 - $797
Challenge Types: 1-step & 2-step
Payout: Every 5 days
Licensing & Safety
Bonuses & Promotions
Customer Support
4.0 Overall Rating

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Pinnacle Trader FX Review